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Suchita Bhargava

About The Store

Rangdesi Bhopal, India

Store Name: Rangdesi

Rangdesi It all started with a little enthusiasm and little money in early afternoon in over adrak waali chai and pakodas in 2013, with a simple thought; “ Yaar kuch karna chahiye life main” and hence we came up with the todooo idea. Ki ab Kya kare ? With loads of adrak chai and paper balls we came up with an idea called RANGDESI. With a single aim in our heads “to take Indian handloom and handicraft to every home & heart across the Globe “ and to deliver the finest and unique Indian merchandise without compromising on quality. So Kaise? We are trying to Mix and deliver myths, faiths, symbols and imagination to the fabric. A hand crafted home linen and exquisite accessories for delivering Heritage and Style. It is the distinct form of art, weave and Natural color usage by the artisan that give RANGDESI its distinctive identity and uniqueness." Ethnic creativity is expressed by the magical hands of our team of traditionally skilled artisans. We host a comprehensive range of classic and contemporary hand crafted products. Besides commercial interest, the genuine desire to promote Indian handloom and handicrafts, and create sustainable environment for the craftsmen and Artisans, guides us in our endeavour. Also the kettle is always fuming in our office kitchen.