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Shernaz Pochkhanawala

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Colors By Shernaz Mumbai, India

Skills : Artist (Painting)

Store Name: Colors By Shernaz

Colors By Shernaz My name is Shernaz Pochkhanawala, I am a Mumbai based self taught artist and painting is my passion. Life is a full circle, and you often end up at the very spot you started. Here's my story... I had an amazing childhood...with everyone at home connected to Art in their own way. Mom a homemaker, wrote poetry and painted watercolor flowers. Dad, an engineer had a passion for sketching to the beats of classical music,and my sister, a talented dancer also had a fabulous voice. So I guess art is in my genes. My thing was to paint. My inspiration has always been color, as it energises and inspires me. Whilst art was a part of my life, I was guided to believe, that a good education comes first followed by a successful career. So I became a state topping student, and then went on to spend 18 years of my life building a career, in a multinational company, where I grew to a senior leader. Somewhere along that road, art became a weekend pursuit. Until November 2013, when I decided to kick off my corporate shoes, follow my passion, and pick up my paint brush full time. And I haven't stopped since. Painting has now become a deeply personal, cathartic, meditative and spiritual experience. I let my soul guide my brush. It's almost as if I become the medium through which my art creates itself. My inspiration comes from both external and internal sources. I love taking photographs of nature, flowers, animals, sunsets, people and places ....anything that pleases my eye...and I use these images for inspiration. Sometimes ideas flow in whilst meditating or dreaming and I feel compelled to pour my inner world on to my canvas. I enjoy sharing my art with people through social media and via public exhibitions, and have so far participated in : - The India Art Festival held at Nehru Centre, Mumbai ( Nov 2015) - Mumbai Art by Artists exhibition held at Coomaraswamy Hall , Mumbai MuseumJan 2016) - Symphony, an exhibition held at RDD Neroy Art Gallery, Mumbai (Feb 2016) - Aroma 10, an exhibition held at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai (April 2016) I feel blessed and grateful that people are appreciating and buying my art and my paintings have found homes amongst local and international collectors. I hope my art brings you joy too. My vision is to flood this world with positive energy, beauty and joy through my art. I want my art to inspire hope, love, passion, peace, balance and harmony in the hearts and souls of people. And that's my story.