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Vishvan Saran

About The Store

CanOfJuice Bengaluru, India

Store Name: CanOfJuice

CanOfJuice CanofJuice is all about fresh art for your space. It’s a design studio churning out designs and developing products we love and we’re pretty sure you will love too. CanofJuice also is a collaborative space encouraging illustrators, product designers to express their ideas on themes chosen for a season. CanofJuice strives to provide high quality products at affordable prices, for people who love to personalise their space and express themselves. CanofJuice doesn’t adhere to a particular style. Instead, it showcases a myriad of styles by both, amateur and established artists that energises people to do something new. The brand started with Wall Art – Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvas Prints. Then later evolved to using the same art that we collected from various artists by putting them on home decor products. Our concept is ‘Delivering fresh art for your Space’. CanofJuice refreshes its collection every season. Thereby, ensuring that there’s something new for everyone. Apart from Home Décor we love to develop and innovate products which we feel people would love and appreciate for all the hard work that goes into making each of these products.