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Suman John

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Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd Bengaluru, India

Store Name: Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd

Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd Diya Innovations Private Limited, a social enterprise, hand crafts and markets a line of unique gifting products, including chocolate, recycled craft, candles and home linen. We customise products and packaging to cater to customer needs. Sixty five percent of our workforce is intellectually challenged, trained at Diya Foundation, a vocational training centre for the differently abled. The intellectually challenged have a unique skill set: - ability to perform repetitive tasks for extended periods of time - adherence to routine - carry out routine tasks with great attention - punctuality and a strong commitment to work To ensure that their skills are used productively, we design our product line carefully. The products within each vertical are designed and planned based on how easily the production process can be broken down into single, easy to follow steps. Different individuals of the team then work on different steps of the process, based on their individual skill levels. The end product is a unique gift, hand crafted with love and care, by the differently abled team at Diya.