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Rutul Shah

About The Store

Chatur Chidiyaa Ahmedabad, India

Store Name: Chatur Chidiyaa

Chatur Chidiyaa To be a green business that encapsulates innocent materials and ingenious ways, merged into the product to offer an increased user experience that eventually connects people with place. Considering four pillars of a green business philosophy – product, process, place and people, it focuses on a design conscious handmade products made out of innocent (recycled, reused, up cycled) materials such as bamboo, fabric, clay, paper that appeals for a balance between Ecology and Human activities by providing an opportunity to prosper the financially under privileged and communities with mentally different people as Chatur Chidiyaa product makers. It redefines the bridge between the effective ways of manufacturing and the human demand to live better with great products around. The users receive a great deal of functional products with a tantalization to care about nature..