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Pratik Pasad

About The Store

The RIngMaster Mumbai, India

Skills : Exclusive Designer Artwork

Store Name: The RIngMaster

The RIngMaster The Ringmaster is a global company that is Indian at heart. Our exclusive designer artwork celebrates every facet of India life. Juxtaposing the classical with the contemporary, we capture everything from India’s intricate Moghul architecture to the pomp and splendor of the Maharajas to its rich musical traditions to the futuristic Mumbai skyline. Drawing inspiration from traditional Indian symbols like elephants, peacocks, temples and regional textile art – we create unique products that make a strong style statement. The great thing about India is that it offers something for everyone. Drawing inspiration from the great country we call home, our designs have been carefully curated to create different moods.Some pieces are more elegant and classy whereas others are playful and funky. Whatever your style, you can find a design and a product that you absolutely adore. Moreover, we maintain a strong commitment to quality – our products are built to be used with love for years and years to come. We stand by our products and pride ourselves on our courteous customer service. So go ahead and show the world your uniqueness and great taste! Reinvent yourself, your home and your workspace with The Ringmaster’s stunning and delightful collection!